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Browse Our range of colours and textures and choose what fits your style. 

Everyone has their own style, at Goodwood Boards we want you to express your style, thats why we have one of the largest selection of boards on offer. 

Melamine Board: KAINDL Stone Ash

Browse through our range of quality hardware and turn your project into a functional and aesthetic masterpiece. 

For us design does not merely mean 'something that looks good', it extends to functionality and quality as well. This is why our hardware range will make life around your home easier and smarter with the added ellegance of style. 

Browse our range of work-tops to add flavour to your design. 

Let your dream kitchen become a reality with our stunning range. Our tops are tried and tested to withstand the test of time. Being the latest in trends and design they are certian fit any style, and make a center piece of your kitchen. 

The kitchen is magnet, it sets the tone for the house and invites inspiration into ones lifestyle. 

Our kitchen cabinets are a testament to functionality, quality, and design. Let our designers make your dream kitchen a reality. Whether it be a sleek modern kitchen, or a cosy traditional one, we offer our expertise to find a kitchen style that best suits you, and help you realise the design of your dreams. 

Your sanctuary, your bedroom.

At Goodwood Boards we understand the importance of individual space, thats why we offer our expertise in helping you design your bedroom space. With our range of bedroom products, you will find peace and tranquility. 

A place to reflect, a place to relax and place to hit those high notes in your morning shower.


A lot happens in the bathroom, thats why we think it's important to have an effortless look, and a smart space. From our cabinets to the fine accessories, we can ensure that your bathroom will be designed to fit all your needs. 

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