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Our Range of Cabinet Fittings

A bad selection of cabinet fittings can break a project and leave your hard work in the gutter but together in the right combination of quality and style they can bring a whole new dimension of functionality and aesthetics to your home, office or garage workshop.


Our range of cabinet fittings and accessories have been carefully selected to add value and charm without hurting your wallet. So browse through our various ranges and add some shine to your environment.

DTC: Full-Overlay Clip-On Hinge
DTC: Integrated Soft-Close Drawer System
Handle: Slim-line Bar Handle
Screw: Chipboard Screw 8 x 16
Screw: Euro-Screw 5 x 13
Screw: Chipboard Screw 8 x 30
Screw: Chipboard Screw 8 x 40
Cabinet Leg: 50mm x 100mm Round Leg
Vibo: Pull-Out Cookware Organiser
Adhesives: Den Braven
Top Joiners
Top Joiner: Square R6 Silver Joiner
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