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Custom Parts Cut & Edged

Want to renovate your kitchen or wardrobe cupboards and not break the bank?
A great way to rejuvenate your kitchen and add immediate value is to change the doors and exposed paneling. Provided your cabinets are in good condition, you could easily add ten more years to the life of your kitchen by doing something as cost effective and as simple as this.
Follow our simple 3-Step plan to get started and save on thousands of rands and benefit from real precision manufacturing!!!
Step 1: Download our cutting list template (found below) and capture the measurements of your old cabinet doors. 
*Remember to indicate quantities and any drilling that's required i.e. hinge holes
Kitchen Cabinet Door Measurements
Step 2: Choose a colour for your new kitchen from one of our Melawood or Novolam colour pallets.
*Or choose two colours to create a modern two-tone kitchen.
Storm-Grey Background
Sahara Background
Step 3: Submit your custom sized parts to our experts via email and within a short time you'll receive your quotation.
*Remember to put your contact details so we can get back to you ASAP
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