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by Goodwood Boards

OIKO - from the Greek word οικό [ikó] - pronouncedee-koh ] meaning family home, or place where one resides that is considered to be "home"


OIKO by Goodwood Boards is an exclusive brand of cabinet furniture products that turn a house into a home. We build intelligently designed cabinet systems that create value in the everyday lives of our customers. We believe in providing our customers with true value-for-money products.

How do we do this you may ask? Simple, we don't manufacture or dispatch anything that we aren't proud to use in our own homes. Our exceptionally high quality standards ensure that all our products can live up to the most demanding of environments, because we know how hard you've worked for your money and we want you to have the best at most affordable price possible.

Explore our range of cabinets and give you home the best that it deserves

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