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Not all heroes wear capes, our intelligent accessories will create a smart working space in your new kitchen. As with every great masterpiece, it's the details that truely hold your eye and make you it's admirer.


Corner Systems

Make use of your blind corners through our intelligent design options. 


  • Carousel Galaxy 

  • Carousel Standard 

  • Fly moon 

  • Rolling corner 

Drawer Basket 
Efficiency and sleekness. Our drawer basket range will streamline your kitchen time and design. 


  • Drawer Basket Dishware Organiser 

  • Drawer Basket Galaxy 

  • Drawer Basket Partner

Larder Units
Have everything come to you effortlessly with our larder unit. 


  • Larder Maxi Colona Galaxy

Pull Out Units

Have everthing come to you effortlessly with our pull out units.


  • Pull-Out Broom 150mm

  • Pull-Out Cookware Organiser

  • Pull-Out Shelving 150mm 

  • Pull-Out Spice & Bottle Holder Partner

  • Pull-Out Spice & Bottle Holder Galaxy

  • Pull-Out Bottle Holder 150mm

Swing-Out Pantry 

Find everything with ease with our Swing-out Pantry range. 


  • Swing-Out Pantry Galaxy 

  • Swing-Out Pantry Partnerline

  • Swing-Out Pantry Standard

Waste Recycling 

Recycling has never been easier than with our waste recycling range. It's everyday tasks that contribute to a more sustainable future, something we want to always contribute to. 


  • Waste Recycling Kombi

  • Waste Recycling Undersink

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